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Blonde Please, the Blu Ultra Schiarente Bleaching Powder by Jungle Fever is dedicated to all the Blonde Girls of the world. In fact, it intensely and surprisingly bleaches and protects hair thanks to the action of sugar. The exclusive formula based on Plyamino Sugar Complex, a mix of natural sugars, makes of Blonde Please a new icon product in Jungle Fever because, during the bleaching treatment, hair is even bleached up to 9 tones, which guarantees an incredible result: Extremely pure blond hair and protected hair fibre No secrets. Only the natural power of sugar, in an innovative and effective formula, a revolutionary product entirely made in Italy to the benefit of the salon to guarantee a really perfect bleaching that respects the physiological structure of hair that will be come as soft and radiant as ever. Blonde Please guarantees a perfect and protected result. At last, all the Blonde Girls of the world will see their dream come true.
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